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I'm Christina. I'm an designer, educator, and casual programmer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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A 3d render of Christina's office in Brooklyn.

100 days of webtoys


One hundred consecutive days of learning and playing with code.

A gif of a space invader made out of checked and unchecked marks.



A research project about fragmenting realities and toxic online communities.

A gif of a red pill floating in 3d space.


An open source project creating friendly machine learning for the web.

A website screenshot that reads Friendly Machine Learning for the Web.

a. l.oving e.x.ploration


A tenderly hand-coded relationship simulator.

A screen shot of a simulated dating text conversation with relationship variables above.

stone stacker


A web toy to make stone carins in the desktop.

A stack of SVG stone shapes.

window maker


A picrew-inspired toy to share your view from quarantine.

Illustrated images of windows.

one amongst many

A spacial data visualization of women who have contributed to the history of computing.

A photo of a person tilting and reading a pink and blue orb.

in person, in people


A fictional gallery walkthrough cataloguing the few salvaged works a prolific artist.

A collection of black and white instax photos.


An AR experiment with the major arcana.

An animated Death tarot card being held to the camera in AR.

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